About NPSG

About NPSG

The Native Plant Study Group (NPSG) is dedicated to learning about BC native plants as wild populations and in garden settings, and supporting the conservation and their habitats.

After its inception as a study group of the Victoria Horticultural Society (VHS) over a decade and a half ago, members voted to become independent and to focus on the protection, conservation and education about BC’s habitats. NPSG became a member of the BC Council of Garden Clubs in December 2014.


The group is guided by volunteers, and coordinated by the co-chairs. Members are encouraged to volunteer. Participation in outside events, by the group, or by individual members using the NPSG name, is dependent on approval of the co-chairs or, where indicated, by the at-large membership. Activities requiring funding must receive approval from the co-chairs.

Contact Info

Email: nativeplantstudygroup@gmail.com

Volunteer Positions

Archivist – vacant

Co-Chairs – Paige Erickson-McGee & Sharon McMillan

Newsletter – Paige Erickson-McGee & Sharon McMillan

Membership – Agnes Lynn

Plant Draw – Heather Pass

Plant Salvage – Todd Doherty

Refreshments – Betty & Jean

Room Setup – Vacant

Speakers – Sylvia Samborski

Treasurer – Joan Varley

VHS Liaison – Heather Pass

Website – Paige Erickson-McGee & Sharon McMillan